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The varduino project

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The Varduino are E-paper gliding and paragliding variometers based on the Arduino MKR ZERO that users can code themselves. Obviously they already come with a built-in software with all the features you would want for free flying:

  • GPS flight tracking with SD card logging
  • Variometer (MS5611 pressure sensor and beeper): check out how it sounds here
  • Accelerometer, compass and gyroscope (Invensense MPU-9250 IMU)
  • Bluetooth sending gps and pressure data to your favorite external device
  • E-paper E-ink display technology: 1.54 and 2.9 inches
  • Up to 40h of flying autonomy for your long XC flights
  • Voice notifications, such as rescue alarm

Using Varduino Manager, you can fully customize and configure your instrument.

Otherwise, just plug it to your computer and it will show up as a MKRZero. So code it yourself.

waypoint navigation paragliding gps variometer
waypoint navigation paragliding gps variometer

Description and technical details

Code it yourself

Varduino Manager

Get one

Varduino paragliding


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