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For cross-country flying and navigation routing during flights, a waypoint file needs to be present on the sd card with the following name: “waypoints.wpt” (no quote). The waypoints are imported at startup and the device routes you toward the next waypoint.

The waypoint file must comply with the Oziexplorer file format:


  • the first four lines are reserved
  • Then, 1 waypoint per line
    • Field 1: waypoint number
    • Field 2: waypoint name (MAX 8 CHARACTERS)
    • Field 3/4: latitude and longitude in decimal degrees
    • Field 7 : always 1
    • Field 15: Altitude in feet

All Other Ozi fields are not taken into account in Varduino Manager or in the firmware.

You can get such oziexplorer files from various sources, such as XC Planner:

You can also create/import and modify Ozi files from Varduino Manager:

Import or create waypoints and export them to your paragliding variometer

  • Click import to import an Ozi files: the table is populated.
  • Click Append WP to manually append a WP to the Table
  • Click MoveUp/MoveDown to change the order of the WPs
  • Click delete or delete All to delete waypoints.

Once done, click “export Waypoints “, name the file”waypoints.wpt” and place it on the sd card. It will be imported at boot time.

If no waypoint file is present, distance and direction to take-off is shown.

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